Top Brands of Inline Hockey Pucks: A Comprehensive Guide

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What are the top brands of inline hockey pucks?

This question often stumps both new and seasoned roller hockey players alike.

Selecting the right puck can be a game-changer, literally transforming your play from average to exceptional.

But with so many options out there, how do you decide what are the top brands of inline hockey pucks, let alone which one is perfect for your style of play?

The Best Roller Hockey Pucks for Every Player

Choosing the right roller hockey puck is crucial.

No matter your skill level, the right roller hockey puck can make a big difference in your game.

Green Biscuit Training Puck: Perfect for Multiple Surfaces

A top brand in the market, Green Biscuit’s training puck, has gained popularity due to its versatility on multiple surfaces.

Mylec Official Roller Hockey Game Puck: Built for Durability

If durability is what you seek, consider Mylec’s official roller hockey game puck. They are known to offer long-lasting performance and are favored by both novice and seasoned players.

Sonic Roller Hockey Inline Puck: Ideal for Low-profile Play

The low-profile design of Sonic’s roller hockey inline puck offers fast flatter play with low-friction runners.

This makes it ideal if speed and agility are key aspects of your playing style.

In our next section we will delve into street hockey balls – another essential piece of equipment in any serious player’s arsenal. Let us explore how they differ from ice hockey pucks but still hold significance in the world of roller sports.

Understanding Street Hockey Balls and Their Significance

The game of roller hockey is unique, with its own set of rules and equipment. One key piece of gear that sets it apart from ice hockey is the use of street hockey balls instead of traditional ice hockey pucks.

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Franklin Street Hockey Ball Buckets: Versatility at Its Best

Franklin Street Hockey Ball Buckets, for instance, are designed to minimize bounce while maintaining a high level performance on various surfaces. This makes them an ideal choice for those engaging in intense games on concrete or asphalt courts.

Besides their versatility, these balls also offer durability – a crucial factor considering the rough play often associated with street hockey.

A&R Black Inline Pucks : Tough Vulcanized Rubber for Improved Friction

Moving onto A&R Black Inline Pucks, they stand out due to their construction material – tough vulcanized rubber. The advantage? It enhances friction during gameplay making control easier even at high speeds.

This feature coupled with their durable design make A&R inline pucks perfect companions whether you’re practicing your shots or engaged in competitive play.

Bauer Hydrog Liquid-filled No-Bounce Street Hockey Balls : Lower Bounce and Smooth Surface

If low bounce rate is what you seek then look no further than Bauer Hydrog Liquid-filled No-Bounce Street Hockey Balls. These specialized balls ensure better puck-like behavior thanks to liquid filling which reduces bouncing significantly.

In addition to this, Bauer’s smooth surface offers improved grip allowing players more control over passes and shots alike.

Remember choosing the right ball can greatly impact your roller hockey experience so invest time understanding each option before making a final decision.

The Intersection of Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey

When it comes to ice hockey pucks and roller pucks, there’s more than meets the eye.

Different materials used in their construction lead to unique performance characteristics on various surfaces.

Vulcanized Rubber vs. Plastic: A Material Difference

Ice hockey traditionally uses vulcanized rubber pucks.

This material provides a smooth glide on ice surfaces but performs differently when introduced to asphalt or concrete typical for roller hockey games.

Roller Puck Adaptation: Designed for Different Surfaces

In contrast, most popular roller hockey puck lists feature plastic-based designs that are better suited for these rougher terrains.

One such brand recognized by many players, is designed with durability in mind while maintaining optimal performance across multiple surface types.

The design features also include an anti-roll edge which helps keep the game flowing smoothly.

In comparison, traditional ice hockey pucks can become unpredictable due to inconsistent friction levels caused by different outdoor environments.

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This makes choosing the right type of puck crucial depending upon where you play your game – whether it be indoor rinks or neighborhood streets.

To wrap up this section let’s look at how companies like Proguard Sports have contributed significantly towards improving inline skating equipment; specifically focusing on its highly acclaimed product -the Pro Guard EZ Sauce training puck.

The Proud Pro-Guard Family

When it comes to roller hockey equipment, Proguard Sports has made significant contributions.

Focusing on the Pro Guard EZ Sauce Training Puck

This brand is part of the proud pro-guard hockey family that stands out for its innovative products.

A prime example is their popular training puck – The Pro Guard EZ Sauce.

An Ideal Choice for Skill Development

The design and construction of this product make it an excellent tool for developing skills in players at all levels.

  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting use even under rigorous conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable both indoors and outdoors due to its robust build quality which can withstand various playing surfaces.
  • Skill enhancement: Specifically designed to help improve stick handling, shooting accuracy, passing precision making it a must-have item in your practice sessions.

Incorporating Feedback from Players and Coaches alike:

The team behind Proguard Sports continually works towards enhancing their offerings based on feedback received from players as well as coaches across different skill levels.

This dedication ensures they stay ahead when meeting player needs while also contributing positively towards improving overall gameplay within inline or street hockey games.

Making Hockey Accessible:

Apart from providing top-notch gear like the Ez sauce training puck, one other notable aspect about them lies in how they’ve been instrumental in promoting accessibility within roller sports by offering affordable yet durable options.

So whether you’re just starting off or are an experienced professional looking forward to honing your skills further, do consider checking out what’s available through ProGuard Sports. They have something suitable regardless of where you stand currently along your journey into becoming a better inline/roller/street/hockey player.

Getting Started with Playing Roller Hockey

Once you have an understanding of roller hockey, it is important to determine the appropriate gear for your skill level.

Selecting Your Gear: The Basics

The right roller skates, protective pads, gloves, helmets are all crucial for a safe play.

You’ll also need street or inline hockey pucks depending on where you plan to play.

We’ve discussed popular roller hockey puck brands earlier; Green Biscuit Training Puck is ideal for multiple surfaces while Mylec Official Roller Hockey Game Puck offers durability that both beginner and experienced players can rely upon.

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Finding Where You Can Play Inline Hockey

Roller rinks are an excellent choice if they’re available in your area.

Parks with smooth concrete or asphalt surfaces work well too.

Your local community may have organized leagues which offer structured gameplay opportunities as well.

Determining Your Skill Level & Choosing Equipment Accordingly

Beyond basic safety gear like knee pads and helmets, choosing other elements of your kit such as sticks should be influenced by whether you’re a novice player starting out or someone more experienced looking at competitive games. Helmets, sticks, even down-to-the type-of-pucks used (as we’ve covered above) will vary according to this factor.

Taking Care Of Your Gear And Ensuring Longevity:

Maintaining your gear properly ensures longevity – from cleaning them after each game session so sweat doesn’t degrade materials over time, to storing everything correctly when not in use – these steps ensure longer-lasting performance from every piece of equipment involved in playing roller hockey.

Remember. Every player’s journey starts somewhere – don’t feel overwhelmed by the choices ahead but instead embrace them as part of becoming skilled at one more sport that brings joy into our lives.

Key Takeaway: 

If you’re new to roller hockey, it’s important to know what gear you need and how to choose based on your skill level. You’ll need skates, pads, gloves, helmets, and inline hockey pucks. Popular puck brands include Green Biscuit Training Puck for multiple surfaces and Mylec Official Roller Hockey Game Puck for durability.

Find places to play like roller rinks or parks with smooth surfaces. Look for organized leagues in your community too.

Consider your skill level when choosing equipment like sticks and helmets. Taking care of your gear by cleaning after each game session and proper storage ensures longevity.

Remember that every player starts somewhere – embrace the choices as part of becoming skilled at this joyful sport.

FAQs in Relation to What Are the Top Brands of Inline Hockey Pucks

What pucks do they use in roller hockey?

In roller hockey, players typically use specially designed inline pucks like those from Green Biscuit, Mylec, Sonic and Proguard Sports. These are lighter and glide better on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Where is inline hockey most popular?

Inline hockey enjoys significant popularity in North America, particularly the United States and Canada. It’s also gaining traction in Europe with countries like Germany leading the way.

Who manufactures NHL pucks?

The official NHL ice hockey pucks are manufactured by InGlasCo Corporation based in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Where are official NHL pucks made?

The production of official NHL ice hockey pucks takes place at the InGlasCo Corporation facility located in Sherbrooke, Quebec.


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