Quick Tips: How to Break in New Roller Hockey Skates

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Learning how to break in new roller hockey skates can be a daunting task.

Acclimating to the feel of a new pair of roller hockey skates can be difficult, but it’s necessary for optimizing your skating experience.

You might be wondering if you made the correct decision or should have stayed with your previous pair.

But here’s the truth: mastering how to break in new roller hockey skates, although challenging, is crucial for enhancing your performance and comfort on the rink.

Taking Care of Your Feet During the Break-In Period

When breaking in your fresh roller hockey skates, it’s important to give your feet the attention they need. This process typically lasts about 12 hours over a month.

Experimenting with Sock Thickness

Different sock thicknesses can impact how well your roller hockey skates fit and feel on your feet. Experiment with various types until you find what works best for you.

You may discover that thicker socks provide more cushion but make the skate tighter, while thinner ones offer less padding but allow for better mobility inside the boot.

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The Role of Neoprene Skate Socks or Ankle Guards

An effective way to protect against blisters during this period is by using Ennui ankle guards. These are designed specifically to minimize friction between skin and shoe material which often leads to discomfort or injury.

In addition, neoprene skate socks add an extra layer of protection without adding bulkiness like traditional athletic socks might do so they’re worth considering as well if comfort is a priority when skating immediately after buying new inline skates online from any reputable rollerblade retail shop.

Lacing Techniques And Correctional Insoles

Your lacing technique plays an important role too: some people prefer loose laces at their toes then gradually tighten up towards ankles; others opt for evenly distributed tension throughout entire foot – experiment different methods see what suits most.

If despite all these precautions still experience pain other issues such Riedell R-Fits correctional insoles could be solution need ensure proper alignment within boots thus reducing chances developing problems long term use equipment beloved sport.

FAQs in Relation to How to Break in New Roller Hockey Skates

How do you break in brand new hockey skates?

You can break in new hockey skates by wearing them during practice sessions, gradually increasing the duration each time. Heat molding and adjusting lacing techniques also aid this process.

How do you break in new hockey skates fast?

To speed up the breaking-in process, consider heat molding your skates or using skate oven services available at some sports stores. Remember to wear thick socks while doing so for a better fit.

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How do you brake in hockey skates?

In roller hockey, braking is typically done by dragging one foot behind or executing a T-stop where the back skate forms a ‘T’ with the lead foot.

What is the best way to break in new skates?

The best method involves gradual use during practices combined with heat molding. It’s important to ensure proper fitting from the start and take care of your feet throughout this period.


Breaking in new roller hockey skates isn’t as daunting as it seems.

You’ve now learned the difference between rollerblades and roller hockey skates, with a focus on balance and speed.

The importance of proper fit has been underscored – remember, comfort equals performance!

We’ve also discussed how to break in your new pair effectively. Heat application can be your best friend here.

Taking care of your feet during this period is vital; blisters are no fun! Consider experimenting with sock thickness or using correctional insoles for added comfort.

Maintenance post-break-in ensures longevity and continued optimal performance from your skates. Keep them cool!

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