Inline Hockey: How Many Calories Does Roller Hockey Burn?

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How many calories does roller hockey burn?

Many individuals curious about a fun and successful approach to remain in shape inquire how many calories roller hockey can burn.

Well, the answer might surprise you…

Roller hockey, also known as inline hockey, isn’t just an adrenaline-pumping sport – it’s also a fantastic calorie burner!

The fast-paced nature of this game makes it not only exciting but incredibly beneficial for weight loss and overall fitness.

If you’ve been wondering how many calories does roller hockey burn?, then stick around because we’re about to dive into some fascinating facts that will make you want to strap on your skates right away!

The Total-Body Workout of Inline Hockey

Inline hockey, a fast-paced sport that combines aerobic and anaerobic elements, serves as an effective total-body workout.

This dynamic form of roller skating burns over 500 calories for every 45 minutes spent on the rink.

Cardiovascular Exercise through Inline Hockey

A game of inline hockey is not just about scoring goals; it’s also an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise.

Cardiovascular exercise, one key benefit from this outdoor sports activity, can lead to significant calorie burn.

The high-intensity nature keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the session – burning calories and enhancing overall fitness levels in return.

Enhanced Muscular Strength with Inline Hockey

Beyond its cardiovascular benefits, playing hockey requires players to develop strength in specific muscle groups – particularly those located within our core and legs.

Roller skates demand balance control which leads to constant engagement from these muscles during gameplay.

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Roller Skating – A Calorie Burning Activity

But how exactly does roller skating burn so many calories? Let’s delve into some science behind it.

Roller Skating – A Calorie Burning Activity

If you’re looking for an entertaining and beneficial approach to shedding calories, roller skating is a great option.

The act of balancing on your skates while gliding across the surface requires considerable energy expenditure, leading to significant calorie burn.

Understanding MET Value in Roller Skating

To understand why roller skating burns so many calories, it’s essential first to comprehend the concept of Metabolic Equivalent for Task (MET).

One MET represents the amount of oxygen consumed at rest. Higher-intensity activities have higher MET values because they require more energy.

Roller skating has a relatively high MET value of 5.8 which explains its effectiveness as a calorie-burning activity.

How Body Weight Influences Calorie Burn in Roller Skating

Your body weight plays an integral role when calculating how many calories are burned during physical activities like roller skating.

Studies suggest that someone weighing around 180 lbs can expect approximately 497 kilocalories per hour from this activity.

This means if you weigh less or more than this standard measurement; your actual caloric output will vary accordingly.

A half-hour session would result in roughly half that total – about 249 kcal.

In essence, combining regular hockey sessions with other forms of exercise could lead towards achieving fitness goals faster due its potent combination aerobic and anaerobic benefits along with improving hand-eye coordination.

You may find out exactly how much potential.

The Coordination Benefits from Playing Hockey

Inline hockey, like other dynamic outdoor sports, offers a unique platform for improving hand-eye coordination.

This fast-paced sport requires players to make quick decisions and agile movements while maintaining control of the puck on their roller skates.

Agility Development through Inline Hockey

A crucial aspect of inline hockey is agility development.

The game demands swift changes in direction without losing balance or control over the stick and puck – a feat that significantly enhances player’s agility over time.

Playing such high-intensity games can contribute substantially towards enhancing overall physical fitness.

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Speed & Power Enhancement with Inline Hockey

Besides developing agility, regular participation in inline hockey sessions also contributes to speed and power enhancement.

This stems from the need for short bursts of full-speed sprints during gameplay.

In essence, combining regular hockey sessions helps not only burn calories but it also acts as an effective way to boost your strength training routine.

With these benefits at its core, let’s now explore some more forms of roller sports which offer similar advantages.

Exploring Other Forms of Roller Sports

If you’re passionate about roller sports and burning calories, it’s worth exploring other forms that offer similar benefits. Two such options are roller derby and para ice hockey leagues.

Roller Derby – A High Energy Sport

Roller derby, a high-intensity sport played on quad skates, is another exciting way to burn calories while having fun.

This full-contact sport involves two teams of five members each racing around an oval track. The fast-paced nature combined with the strategic gameplay ensures that participants get a rigorous workout during every match.

The constant movement required in this game not only helps in calorie calculation but also contributes significantly towards cardiovascular health. Plus, like inline hockey, playing roller derby enhances muscular strength – particularly in your core and leg muscles due to the extensive use of these groups during playtime.

Para Ice Hockey Leagues – An Inclusive Option

In contrast to traditional outdoor sports or even regular hockey sessions, para ice hockey leagues provide an inclusive option for individuals who want to enjoy the thrill of a fast-paced sport regardless their physical abilities. In many ways comparable with standard ice hockey games; however instead players sit on sledges fitted with skate blades using short sticks equipped both ends one for shooting puck other propel themselves across rink surface.

The intensity level matches any conventional form of skating making it equally effective at burning calories while improving hand-eye coordination just as much if not more so than its counterparts do.

You may find yourself surprised by how many burned calories can result from participating regularly within these types league activities providing excellent alternative those seeking new challenges outside familiar territory without compromising fitness goals.

Key Takeaway: 

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If you’re looking to burn calories and have fun with roller sports, consider exploring other options like roller derby and para ice hockey leagues. Roller derby is a high-energy sport played on quad skates that provides a rigorous workout while enhancing muscular strength. Para ice hockey leagues offer an inclusive option for individuals of all physical abilities, providing a fast-paced game that burns calories and improves hand-eye coordination.

FAQ About How Many Calories Does Roller Hockey Burn?

Calories Burned During a Game

Average calorie calculation shows that an hour playing hockey on roller skates can help you burn approximately 600-800 calories depending on various factors such as body weight, intensity level, and individual metabolism. This makes inline hockey one of the most efficient outdoor sports for burning calories. In fact, according to a calorie calculator, if we compare it with other activities like roller derby or ice skating; inline skating burns around 249 kcal per half-hour session for someone weighing around 150 pounds.

The Impact of Roller Skating on Caloric Burn

Roller skating not only helps in burning significant amounts of energy but also aids in muscle toning and improving cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that just one hour of moderate-intensity roller skating = roughly 5 miles running! The more vigorous your activity level is when using your roller skates, the higher amount of calories you’ll burn.

Hockey’s Additional Health Benefits

Beyond its high calorie-burn potential, playing hockey requires players to develop strength, agility and hand-eye coordination due largely to its fast-paced nature which further contributes to overall physical fitness levels. Even para ice hockey leagues have seen tremendous growth because they provide similar benefits regardless of player abilities.


Inline hockey is more than just a game – it’s an intense total-body workout.

With its fast-paced nature, you’re not only having fun but also burning over 500 calories for every 45 minutes of play.

The sport demands speed, power, agility and quick reactions which in turn enhances your muscular strength and cardiorespiratory health.

Beyond the rink, roller skating alone can torch approximately 497 kilocalories per hour if you weigh around 180 lbs. That’s almost equivalent to a hearty meal!

Playing inline hockey or engaging in other forms of roller sports like roller derby or para ice hockey leagues offers similar benefits while providing an exciting way to stay fit.

If this has sparked your interest in the calorie-torching power of inline hockey and you want to learn more about how many calories does roller hockey burn or simply looking to take your skills to the next level – we’ve got you covered at World Inline Hockey.