What Wheels Should I Use for Inline Hockey?

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Deciding what wheels should I use for inline hockey can feel like a daunting task.

No single solution will work for everyone.

Your choice of wheels can significantly impact your performance on the rink – from speed and agility to stability and control.

In fact, understanding what wheels should I use for inline hockey, might just be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Understanding Roller Hockey Durometer Ratings

If you’re new to the world of inline hockey, terms like “roller hockey durometer” might seem foreign. Don’t fret – we’ll explain it all.

This rating can significantly impact your performance on different surfaces, so understanding its implications is crucial for both beginner and experienced inline hockey players.

Indoor vs Outdoor Skating Surfaces

The type of surface you play on determines what kind of roller skate wheels are best suited for use. Indoor sports court floors require softer wheels while outdoor skating demands harder ones due to rougher terrain.

A good rule thumb: indoor wheels usually fall within 72A-80A range whereas outdoor ones hover around 78A-84A mark according to most roller hockey wheel guides.

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Weight Impacts on Wheel Choice

Your weight also plays an essential role when choosing the right durometer rating. Heavier skaters may need harder (higher rated) rollers as they put more pressure onto their skates than lighter individuals do.

To help determine which level suits each player’s needs better, here’s a simple chart:

  • <150 lbs – look towards softer end spectrum at around 74-76 A. 
  • 150-200 lbs – aim mid-range between about 78-82 A. 
  • >200lbs – consider firmer options above approximately 83+ A.

In our next section, we will delve deeper into types available including indoor/outdoor specific versions along multi-surface alternatives that offer flexibility across various conditions.

Choosing Between Indoor Wheels, Outdoor Wheels, and Multi-Surface Wheels

The world of inline hockey wheels is diverse.

You have options for indoor use, outdoor play, or even multi-surface scenarios.

Pros & Cons of Softer Indoor Wheels

In the realm of roller sports like inline hockey on smooth surfaces such as an indoor sports court, softer wheels are king.

Ranging from 72A-80A in durometer rating these soft wheel types provide excellent grip that can make a difference during intense games.

  • They offer superior traction which helps with quick stops and sharp turns.
  • The downside? They wear out faster especially if used outdoors due to their softness making them less durable than hard wheels.

When to Use Harder Outdoor Wheels

If you’re into street hockey or playing on rough concrete floors then harder outdoor wheels (82A-85A) are your best bet.

  • This type offers increased durability necessary for harsh conditions found outside traditional rinks – they resist abrasion better than their softer counterparts do.
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Balancing Grip & Durability with Multi-Surface Wheels

  1. Around the mid-range at about 78A in hardness lie multi-surface skate wheels designed specifically for versatility across different skating surface types whether it’s indoors or outdoors.
  2. Maintaining decent speed while providing adequate grip makes this choice popular among many players who often switch between indoor and outdoor play.
  3. Note though that there might be trade-offs regarding optimal performance since these aren’t specialized towards any particular environment unlike purely indoor or outdoor variants.

FAQs in Relation to What Wheels Should I Use for Inline Hockey

Can you use 82A wheels indoors?

Yes, but 82A wheels are harder and designed for outdoor surfaces. They may not provide optimal grip on smoother indoor surfaces.

What does 74A mean?

A durometer rating of 74A indicates the hardness of a wheel. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. A 74A wheel is relatively soft, providing more grip but less speed.

What are 74A wheels?

74A wheels refer to inline hockey skate wheels with a durometer rating of 74A – these are softer than average and offer better traction on smooth indoor rinks.

How do I choose roller blade wheels?

Selecting roller blade wheels depends on your weight, skating surface (indoor or outdoor), and desired performance characteristics like speed versus agility.


Inline hockey wheels are more than just a piece of your gear, they’re the foundation of your performance on the rink.

Different wheel sizes cater to different needs – larger for speed, smaller for agility. Goalies often opt for smaller wheels due to their aggressive position in play.

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The durometer rating is key when choosing between indoor and outdoor wheels; harder ones suit rougher surfaces while softer ones glide smoothly indoors.

Maintaining your inline hockey wheels can extend their lifespan significantly, so remember to clean them regularly and rotate them periodically.

Now that you’ve got all this knowledge about what wheels should I use for inline hockey under your belt, it’s time to put it into action!

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