Practical Tips: How to Clean Roller Hockey Tiles

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Learning how to clean roller hockey tiles can seem like a daunting task.

The truth is, many rink owners struggle with this chore. It’s not just about keeping the surface shiny; it’s also about maintaining optimal skating conditions.

If you’ve ever wondered why your synthetic ice doesn’t feel as smooth or perform as well after some time, the culprit could be dirt and grime build-up on your hockey tiles.

But here’s the good news: once you master how to clean roller hockey tiles, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your skating experience!

Understanding Synthetic Ice and Its Maintenance

Synthetic ice, a popular alternative to traditional frozen water rinks, has revolutionized the world of inline hockey.

Made from high-quality polymer materials that mimic the glide and feel of natural ice, synthetic tiles are designed for durability and performance.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

However, just like any sports equipment or facility, regular maintenance is crucial in keeping your synthetic ice rink at its best.

This ensures an optimal skating experience every time you step onto it.

Dirt on Synthetic Ice: More Than Just Dust?

A common misconception among many newbies in roller hockey is thinking that only airborne dust settles on their precious synthetic ice surface.

  1. Certainly not.

Even tiny particles brought by shoes or wheels can stick to your tiles.

  1. In fact,

These minute specks often turn out as some of the dirtiest elements found lurking around.

Warm water works wonders when removing stubborn dirt off larger surfaces. A neutral cleaner may be used alongside.

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But what about those pesky puck marks or tape residues?, one might ask.

In our next section Tools &-Techniques To Clean Your Hockey Tiles, we’ll delve into various tools available for cleaning synthetic ice, including good old elbow grease. Stay tuned.

Tools and Techniques to Clean Your Hockey Tiles

Maintaining a clean synthetic ice surface is essential for an optimal skating experience.

A variety of tools can assist in this process, from the simple but effective good wet mop to more advanced options like a small mechanical floor cleaner.

The Power of Elbow Grease

Sometimes, elbow grease works wonders on even the dirtiest synthetic ice surface.

for instance, can be particularly useful when it comes to removing stubborn dirt such as puck marks or stick tape marks.

The Role of Mechanical Floor Cleaning Machines

If you’re dealing with larger synthetic ice rink surfaces, consider investing in a mechanical floor cleaning machine.

These machines are designed not only to spray water onto your hockey tiles but also feature scrubbing cylinders that work into the material before sucking dirty water back into their system. This two-step approach ensures any loosened debris doesn’t simply settle back down onto your freshly cleaned surface.

Pressure Washing Your Synthetic Ice Rink

If you’re dealing with a particularly dirty synthetic ice surface, pressure washing might be the solution.

This method is especially effective for removing stubborn dirt that regular cleaning tools can’t handle.

The Power of Pressure Washers

A pressure washer works by blasting high-pressure water sprays onto your hockey tiles.

This forceful approach dislodges grime and debris, leaving your synthetic ice rink looking brand new.

Safety Precautions While Using Pressure Washers

While using a pressure washer on larger synthetic ice rink surfaces can save time and elbow grease, it’s important to use this tool safely.

  • You should always wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when operating these machines due to their powerful water sprays.
  • To avoid damaging the surface or causing injury, never point the nozzle at people or animals.

Tips For Effective Cleaning With A Pressure Washer

  1. Maintain an appropriate distance between the nozzle and your hockey tiles too close could damage them while too far won’t clean effectively.
  • Puck marks are notoriously difficult to remove but applying some extra pressure in those areas often does the trick.
  1. Cleaning in sections helps ensure no area gets overlooked it also allows you spot treat any remaining stains before moving on.
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Leaving these marks and residue on the surface for too long can lead to staining and damage.

Use a mild detergent or synthetic ice cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge to gently scrub away the marks and residue.

Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections of your synthetic ice rink is essential for identifying any potential issues or damage.

Examine the rink for any loose or broken panels, as well as signs of deterioration or damage.

If you notice any problems, address them promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your synthetic ice surface.

Proper Storage

If you need to store your synthetic ice panels, make sure to do so properly.

Store in a clean, dry locale with no direct sunlight and temperatures that don’t go to extremes.

Ensure that the panels are stacked flat and not leaning against anything that could cause warping or bending.

By following these storage guidelines, you can prevent damage and maintain the quality of your synthetic ice.

By implementing these post-cleaning maintenance practices, you can extend the life and performance of your synthetic ice surface.

Regular cleaning, prompt removal of marks and residue, regular inspections, and proper storage are all key factors in keeping your synthetic ice in top condition.

With proper maintenance, you can enjoy a smooth and long-lasting skating experience on your synthetic ice rink.

Stilmat Hockey Tile Return Policy Explained

If you’ve recently purchased from Stilmat Hockey Tiles, it’s important to understand their return policy.

Handling Damages and Issues

All products come with a 30-day return window, starting the day your order arrives.

This allows enough time for any issues or damages to be detected.

In such cases, report immediately for potential replacements or refunds.

Understanding Exceptions / Non-Returnable Items

Certain items are exempted from being returned due to specific reasons.

The list includes custom-made products that have been tailored specifically according to customer preferences.

Gift cards too fall under this category as they hold monetary value which cannot be refunded once used.

European Union’s Cooling Off Period:

A special provision exists for customers residing in the European Union (EU). This regulation provides EU consumers with a ‘cooling off’ period of 14 days where orders can be cancelled without providing any reason.
Note however that certain conditions apply during this cooling-off phase.

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We hope these insights help you make informed decisions about your purchases at Stilmat Hockey Tile.

Now let’s move on how Stilmat handles its refund process after returns are approved following inspection….

Refunds Process at Stilmat Hockey Tile

The process of refunds at Stilmat Hockey Tile is designed to be efficient and customer-friendly.

Ten Business Days Timeline for Refund Processing

Once approved, the refund process typically takes ten business days to complete. This timeline allows the company to thoroughly inspect returned items before initiating the refund process.

This time frame also includes any necessary administrative tasks such as updating inventory records or adjusting financial accounts. The goal here is not just speed but accuracy in processing returns and issuing refunds.

Awaiting Bank’s Confirmation Post-Approval

Note that after approval from Stilmat, it may take some additional time for your bank or credit card company to officially post the refund on your account statement. Each financial institution has its own set policies regarding how quickly they update their customers’ statements following transactions like these.

If you don’t see an expected refund posted within a reasonable amount of time after receiving confirmation from Stilmat, consider reaching out directly to your bank or credit card issuer for more information about when you can expect it reflected in your balance.

FAQs in Relation to How to Clean Roller Hockey Tiles

How do you clean hockey tiles?

Cleaning hockey tiles typically involves using a wet mop or stiff deck brush with warm water. For stubborn dirt, a neutral cleaner can be used.

How do you clean HockeyShot revolution tiles?

HockeyShot Revolution Tiles can be cleaned similarly to other synthetic ice surfaces, using warm water and a good mop or brush. A mechanical floor cleaning machine may also be utilized for larger areas.

How do you clean outdoor non slip tiles?

To clean outdoor non-slip tiles, use a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Scrub the surface with a soft-bristle brush then rinse thoroughly to prevent slippery residue.

What chemical is used to clean tiles?

A neutral pH cleaner is commonly used for tile cleaning as it effectively removes grime without damaging the tile’s surface.


Understanding synthetic ice and its maintenance is key to a smooth skating experience.

A good wet mop, stiff deck brush, or even a mechanical floor cleaner can be your best friend in this process.

Never underestimate the power of elbow grease when it comes to stubborn dirt on hockey tiles.

Sometimes pressure washing might just do the trick for larger rinks.

Maintaining cleanliness post-cleaning is as important as cleaning itself. Regular sweeping does wonders!

Stilmat’s return policy? It’s pretty straightforward but has some exceptions you should know about.

If you’re ready to take your inline hockey skills up a notch while ensuring an optimal playing surface, World Inline Hockey is here for you! From how to clean roller hockey tiles effectively to mastering advanced techniques, we’ve got all bases covered for both beginners and experienced players alike. Join us, let’s make every game count!