DIY Guide: How to Build a Roller Hockey Rink

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Learning how to build a roller hockey rink can seem like an uphill battle.

The thought of it might even make you break out in a cold sweat, wondering where on earth to start.

But here’s the deal – building your own roller hockey rink is what separates the casual skater from the true rinks enthusiast.

Without the ability to put together a roller hockey rink effectively and with sustainability, you’ll never be able to truly appreciate this activity.

The Basics of Building a Backyard Hockey Rink

Embarking on the journey to build your own backyard hockey rink? Before taking the plunge, it is essential to gain an understanding of the basics.

A typical DIY backyard rink comprises three essential components: boards, bracing, and a liner. These elements can be crafted from various materials such as plywood or two-by lumber for the structure and plastic sheeting for the liner.

Determining Your Yard’s Slope for a Backyard Rink

An important first step is determining your yard’s slope. This will ensure that water stays put when filling up your rickety ice platform designed specifically for roller skating fun.

You may wonder why this matters?

Slope plays an integral role in ensuring proper freezing of water into beautiful open ice with adequate thickness – it all contributes towards creating that perfect outdoor skating time experience we all crave.

As you move forward with building what could become one of many cherished skating rinks around town, remember – patience pays off. In our next section, we’ll delve deeper into transforming these plans into reality.

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From Planning to Execution: Building Your Backyard Roller Hockey Rink

Building a backyard hockey rink is an excellent way to keep the kids busy playing hockey, improve your roller skating skills, and create a perfect open ice platform for hockey training. Here are some steps you can follow to build your own.

Picking the Perfect Spot

The first step in building any skating rinks is choosing the right location. You need adequate outdoor lighting and enough space for not just the rink but also spectators or other amenities you might want around it. Remember, this will be more than just a place for roller skating; it’s going to be part of your home environment.

Determining Size and Buying Supplies

Your next task involves deciding on how large you want your backyard hockey rink measure out as well as what materials you’ll need. Many rookie rink builders opt for pre-made options like EZ Ice Rinks or drop-in rink systems from reputable companies such as Backyard Rink Company. These easiest rink kits come with everything needed including specific boards, liners, brackets, etc., making them ideal DIY backyard projects.

  • EZ Ice Rinks: This company offers several different sizes of easy-to-assemble kits that have been praised by many within the backyard rink community.
  • Drop-In System: A drop-in system allows users flexibility in terms of size while still providing all necessary components required during the assembly process.

Laying Out The Foundation And Setting Up Boards

This stage involves setting up your backyard hockey rink kit where extra board material may be needed depending on the chosen size or if you want additional height. Most rink kits come with an easy-to-follow manual to guide you through this process.

Finishing Touches

The final step is adding the finishing touches like installing nets and ensuring that there’s a beautiful rink smell. You can also add seating areas for spectators or even install some outdoor lighting if needed.

If you’re ready to take on this project, remember that using promo code howtohockey at checkout when buying your backyard rink supplies from Backyard Rink Company will get you a discount!

Enhancing Your Backyard Hockey Experience

If you’re looking to elevate your skating time on your DIY backyard rink, consider adding a few accessories.

Foam bumper caps can protect skaters from sharp edges and corners of the boards.

For instance, corner caps are an excellent choice.

Adequate outdoor lighting is another key element that ensures safety during night-time play while also enhancing visibility.

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The Benefits of Roller Hockey During Off-Seasons

Rollerblading can be a great way to keep active during the warmer months when ice hockey is not an option.

Maintaining a frozen surface can be challenging, making roller hockey an ideal solution for keeping kids busy playing hockey off-season.

A Healthy Alternative with Multiple Benefits

Beyond being just fun and engaging, roller skating offers numerous health benefits similar to those provided by ice hockey.

This sport helps improve cardiovascular fitness while also enhancing hand-eye coordination skills essential in every player’s development.

Roller Skating: A Community-Building Sport

In addition to its physical benefits, roller skating fosters community spirit among players.

Socializing While Improving Skills:

  • Newcomers get valuable tips on improving their game.
  • Veteran skaters find worthy opponents or partners for friendly matches.
  • All members share experiences that contribute towards building a strong bond within the group.

In essence, it becomes more than just another buzzword; it embodies shared passion and mutual growth.

As we transition into our next section, let us consider whether you should build your rink or buy one pre-made? 

The decision may not be as straightforward as it appears.

Choosing Between DIY or Buying Pre-Made Rinks

If you’re contemplating building a backyard hockey rink, one crucial decision to make is whether to opt for the DIY route or buy pre-made ones. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Backyard Rink

A DIY backyard rink allows customization according to your specific needs. You can decide on the perfect backyard hockey rink measure that fits your yard space perfectly.

However, it requires significant time investment in gathering supplies like extra board material from a reputable backyard rick company and constructing the platform yourself. Creating the rink yourself could be a potential minefield for those not used to such endeavours, with mistakes being made.

Purchasing A Ready-To-Use Backyard Hockey Rink Kit

An easier alternative could be buying an easiest rick kit. These drop-in ring systems are designed keeping both beginner inline players as well as seasoned roller skaters in mind.

They offer great convenience but may lack some level of personalization compared to self-built skating rings.

Also remember that adequate outdoor lighting is essential regardless of which option you choose.

Making Use Of Promo Codes And Discounts

If budget constraints make this decision challenging, consider looking out for promo codes while purchasing kits online.

Seasonal sales often provide opportunities where even high-quality products become affordable due to hefty discounts. So keep an eye on those, too.

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Remember: Whether opting for DIY or ready-made solutions – having a dedicated place at home where kids stay busy playing hockey will undoubtedly enhance their skills over time.

Joining The Backyard Rinks Community

If you’re passionate about roller skating and backyard hockey rink building, becoming part of the backyard rink community can be an enriching experience.

The Benefits of Joining a Community

A robust network like this not only provides support for your DIY projects but also helps keep you updated on latest trends in the world of roller hockey.

You get to share experiences with other enthusiasts who might have tips or tricks that could save time during construction or maintenance phases.

For instance, is one such platform where users exchange ideas and learn from each other’s successes as well as mistakes.

Becoming A Seasoned Roller Skater: Learning From Others’ Experiences

In these communities, beginners gain insights into how experienced inline players handle challenges related to maintaining ice thickness during varying weather conditions or ensuring adequate outdoor lighting for night-time play.

This hands-on knowledge often proves invaluable when it comes to making informed decisions while buying backyard rink supplies or choosing between different drop-in rink systems available in market.

Making Your Journey More Enjoyable With Like-Minded People

Sometimes constructing a perfect open ice surface becomes more fun when done collectively rather than individually.

These platforms provide opportunities for group activities which help build camaraderie among members while keeping kids busy playing hockey even off-seasons.

FAQs in Relation to How to Build a Roller Hockey Rink

How to make your own hockey rink?

Building a backyard hockey rink involves planning, constructing the boards and bracing, installing a liner, and filling it with water. You can also use ready-made kits for easier construction.

What is a roller hockey floor made of?

The surface of a roller hockey rink typically consists of smooth concrete or asphalt. Some are covered with sports court tiles or synthetic materials for better puck control.

How many square feet is a roller hockey rink?

A standard-sized outdoor roller hockey rink measures around 7,200 square feet (180ft x 40ft). However, sizes may vary depending on available space and personal preferences.

Is a roller skating rink a good investment?

A well-managed roller skating rink can be profitable. Factors such as location, community interest in the sport, and effective marketing strategies significantly influence its success.


Learning how to build a roller hockey rink is more than just a DIY project; it’s an adventure in learning and creativity.

You’ve grasped the basics, understood your yard’s slope, and learned about easy-to-use kits for beginners.

We enhanced your backyard experience with lighting, resurfacers, and bumper caps. You now know how to maintain your rink during winter months, too!

The off-seasons don’t have to be dull anymore – we discussed the benefits of roller hockey as an engaging alternative. And yes! The debate between DIY or pre-made rinks has been addressed too.

A whole new world of community engagement awaits you with fellow enthusiasts ready to share their experiences online.

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge on building a roller hockey rink from scratch, why not put it into action? 

At World Inline Hockey, we aim at helping both beginners looking to learn the basics or experienced players aiming for higher levels. Join us today and start creating your own backyard paradise!