Becoming a Pro: How to Become a Roller Hockey Referee

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Learning how to become a roller hockey referee can seem like an uphill battle.

The rules, the training, the certification… it’s all so overwhelming!

For those looking to take their love of roller hockey to the next level, becoming a referee is the way forward. If you don’t know where to start on your journey towards refereeing, you’ll never get that whistle around your neck.

Becoming a qualified referee isn’t easy folks.

Understanding the Role of a Roller Hockey Referee

Becoming a roller hockey ref is an exhilarating and satisfying undertaking, yet it comes with its own difficulties.

You’re tasked with maintaining game integrity while ensuring player safety.

This means you need to have thorough knowledge of USA Hockey playing rules.

No Age Restrictions for Officiating in USA Hockey

In terms of age requirements, there are no restrictions imposed by USA Hockey on officiating.

However, some states may impose child labor laws that could potentially conflict with these regulations.

Maintaining Game Integrity and Ensuring Player Safety

A key responsibility as a referee involves upholding the fairness and integrity of each match played under your watchful eyes.

To do this effectively requires deep understanding about both technical aspects such as offside calls or penalty decisions along with softer skills like managing emotions during high-pressure situations.

The Importance Of Knowing The Rules Inside Out

Your command over USA hockey playing rules, including intricate details about penalties or specific play formations will be crucial in making accurate judgments on ice.

As we delve further into what it takes to become an effective roller hockey referee, let’s explore how one can register themselves within the official framework provided by USAH.

Registering as a Roller Hockey Referee with USA Hockey

Becoming a roller hockey referee begins with USA Hockey membership registration.

This process is crucial for obtaining your unique USAH officiating number.

Contacting Your Local District Staff

Prior to registering, it’s recommended that you reach out to the local USA hockey district staff or usa hockey district referee-in-chief in your area.

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Their guidance can help clarify any specific requirements and restrictions relevant to becoming an official in their jurisdiction.

Your Officiating Card from USA Hockey National Office Receives Importance

Once registered, you’ll receive your essential usa hockey officiating card via mail.

The card serves as proof of successful completion of the necessary steps towards becoming an inline ice official.

Remember: Becoming part of the main officiating directory requires diligence and commitment but offers rewarding opportunities within this thrilling sport.

Completing Safesport Training Program

To become a roller hockey referee, completing the SafeSport training program is an essential step. This comprehensive course can be found under the OFFICIALS tab at

The SafeSport training aims to create a safe and positive environment for all participants in sports activities. It educates officials about various aspects of player safety and misconduct prevention.

Necessity of SafeSport Training for Officials

All aspiring referees must undergo this crucial training before they start officiating games. The main goal here is not just rule enforcement but also ensuring that every game takes place within ethical boundaries defined by USA Hockey playing rules.

This commitment towards creating safer sporting environments has made it mandatory for all individuals involved with youth sports across America, including coaches, volunteers, administrators – everyone who interacts directly or indirectly with athletes on any level – to complete this important education module program.

SafeSport Link: Your Gateway To Becoming A Certified Official

You’ll find everything you need to know about safeguarding players from abuse and harassment in this online based program which trains coaches as well as officials like yourself on how best to handle these situations should they arise during your tenure as an official. You’ll receive your US Center’s certification upon successful completion of the course; make sure you keep it handy along with your usa hockey officiating card.

Next up? Brushing up those technical skills through our Online Officiating Education Module Program.

Learning Through Online Officiating Education Module Program

It’s about mastering the USA Hockey playing rules, and this is where USA Hockey’s online officiating education module program comes in.

The Essence of Online Training Modules

This innovative online based program trains coaches and referees on various aspects of being an effective ice official. The course, found under the OFFICIALS tab at, offers comprehensive lessons designed to enhance your knowledge and skills.

You’ll learn everything from how to maintain control during intense games to interpreting complex play situations correctly. These modules are vital for both beginner inline hockey players aspiring to become officials as well as experienced ones looking for refreshers or updates on new regulations.

To access these training materials, you need your USAH officiating number which can be obtained after completing your membership registration with USA Hockey. Once logged in using this unique identifier, head over directly to the main officiating directory available under ‘OFFICIALS’ section at website home page.

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Thereafter select ‘Education Materials’, then choose ‘Online Seminars’ option that will lead you straight into interactive learning experience developed by expert level 4 officials who have years of practical experience out there on field guiding numerous exciting matches.

Preparing for Open Book Playing Rules Exam

This is not just any test, but one that challenges your understanding of the USA Hockey playing rules.

The exam can be found in the officials section on It’s designed to ensure all referees are well-versed in game regulations and player safety guidelines.

You will need your US officiating number handy during this process as it forms part of your identification within their system.

Acing The Test

While daunting at first glance, don’t fret. This isna€™t about catching you out; instead, it’s about making sure every official has solid knowledge they can rely upon when calling games fairly and safely.

In our next segment we’ll discuss how classroom seminars play a crucial role in becoming a certified roller hockey referee.

Attending Classroom Seminars

Becoming a certified roller hockey referee involves more than just understanding the USA Hockey playing rules.

One crucial step in this journey is attending classroom seminars.

The Importance of Classroom Learning

In these seminars, you’ll acquire an enhanced comprehension of the game’s complexities and become knowledgeable in how to properly manage diverse on-ice circumstances.

This hands-on training equips referees with practical knowledge that can’t be obtained through online learning alone.

Seminar Schedule and Membership Resetting

You should note that most seminars occur between May and November each year. However, USA Hockey resets membership annually on December 1st. Therefore, it’s important to plan your seminar attendance accordingly for uninterrupted officiating duties throughout the season.

Find further details about upcoming seminars under the OFFICIALS section at Classroom Seminar page at

Pursuing Higher Levels as an Official

Achieving higher levels like level 4 officials requires continuous education even after becoming a referee.

Your commitment towards learning will not only improve your skills but also open up opportunities for career advancement within USA Hockey’s officiating program.

Necessary Equipment for Roller Hockey Referees

As a roller hockey referee, it’s crucial to have the right equipment. For maximum safety and optimal performance, the right equipment is a must.

The Essential Tools of the Trade

A helmet is paramount in protecting against potential injuries during fast-paced games. A whistle, too, is an essential tool for maintaining control and enforcing USA Hockey playing rules.

Beyond these basics, referees need specific clothing items such as sweaters and pants designed for mobility on ice. Elbow pads provide protection while allowing free arm movement necessary when signaling penalties or goals.

Additional Gear Requirements

In addition to this gear list are shin guards that protect from flying pucks and skates offering stability on slippery surfaces. These pieces complete a referee’s toolkit enabling them to maintain game integrity efficiently without compromising their own safety.

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Where To Buy Equipment?

[Retailer Name], among other retailers, offers high-quality officiating gear suitable for both beginner inline hockey players transitioning into refereeing roles and experienced officials alike.

In our next section, we will delve deeper into why background screens play an important role in becoming a roller hockey official.

Understanding Background Screens

Becoming a roller hockey referee with USA Hockey involves more than just understanding the game and its rules.

A crucial part of this process is undergoing background screens conducted by USA Hockey National Office once it receives your application.

The Importance of Background Checks in Officiating

Background checks are an essential step to ensure that all officials can safely interact with players, especially minors. This procedure helps maintain trust within the hockey community and uphold high standards for those involved in teaching fundamental skills to young athletes. The screening process includes checking criminal records as well as any history related to misconduct or abuse.

To initiate your background screen after completing your USA Hockey membership registration, you will need access to personal identification documents such as a driver’s license or passport, along with relevant employment information if applicable. You may also be asked about past residences depending on how comprehensive each state’s requirements are.
The results typically take several weeks before they’re processed fully by the national office.

Maintaining A Clean Record For Future Opportunities

Holding yourself accountable off-ice is equally important when pursuing officiating opportunities at higher levels like becoming level 4 officials.
A clean record not only ensures eligibility but also reinforces credibility among peers and participants alike within local USA Hockey supervisor circles.

FAQs in Relation to How to Become a Roller Hockey Referee

How do you become a professional hockey referee?

Becoming a professional hockey referee involves registering with USA Hockey, completing the Safesport training program, passing an open book playing rules exam, attending classroom seminars, and acquiring necessary equipment.

What is a Level 1 hockey ref?

A Level 1 hockey ref is an entry-level official in USA Hockey’s officiating program. They’re typically new officials or youth referees working games for younger players.

How hard is it to ref hockey?

Hockey refereeing can be challenging due to its fast-paced nature. It requires strong skating skills, thorough knowledge of the game’s rules, and excellent decision-making abilities under pressure.

Do hockey refs make good money?

The salary of a roller-hockey referee varies based on level and league. While amateur leagues offer modest compensation, NHL referees can earn over $200k annually.


Learning how to become a roller hockey referee, It’s about understanding your role, knowing the rules, and maintaining game integrity.

You’ve learned how registering with USA Hockey sets you on this path. You’ve discovered why Safesport training matters.

We delved into online education modules that hone your skills as an official. And we didn’t forget to mention those crucial open book exams!

Seminars? Yes, they’re part of it too – essential for continuous learning in this ever-evolving sport.

You should be aware of what apparatus is necessary and where to acquire it. Background checks – yes they’re important too!

If you’re passionate about inline hockey and want to take your involvement to another level by becoming a referee… then there’s no better time than now! At World Inline Hockey, we are committed to helping enthusiasts like yourself learn the ropes or even advance their existing skills further. 

Whether you’re starting out or looking for ways to improve, our platform has got something for everyone who loves this thrilling sport. Get started today!