Senior Men World Inline Hockey Championships in Roccaraso (Italy 2011)

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All information on 2011 FIRS the “OFFICIAL” world inline hockey championships Senior Men.

Last updated 13th July 23:40

Australia 12 – China 0

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11M-C07:30M-01IRI 1 4ARG 
11M-D09:00M-02CHN 1 12VEN 
11M-C10:30M-03KOR 1 6COL 
11M-D12:00M-04NAM 0 5GBR 
11M-C13:30M-05ESP 3 4ARG 
11M-D15:00M-06AUS 8 0VEN 
11M-B16:30M-06SUI 7 2GER 
11M-A18:00M-07ITA 1 0FRA 
11M-B19:30M-08CZE X XCAN CIRILH Decision
11M-A21:00M-09USA 9 3MEX 
11M-C22:30M-11KOR 2 10IRI

The Czech player #8 was not eligible to play Game M08. Canada made a protest.

The Canadian player #10 was not eligible to play Game M08 as CIRILH discovered.

The decision of CIRILH is to declare the game illegal and both teams will record 0 point and minus one in the goals against.

The players will now serve the one game automatic suspension at their next game.

12M-D08:00M-12NAM 12 2CHN 
12M-C09:30M-13COL 3 1IRI 
12M-C11:00M-14ESP 9 1KOR 
12M-D12:30M-15VEN 0 6GBR 
12M-D14:00M-16AUS 9 1NAM 
12M-C15:30M-17ARG 1 0COL 
12M-B17:00M-15CAN 4 4SUI 
12M-A18:30M-16USA 1 4ITA 
12M-B20:00M-17CZE 5 2GER 
12M-A21:30M-18MEX 0 7FRA 
13M-D07:30M-22GBR 19 0CHN 
13M-C09:00M-23ESP 10 4COL 
13M-C10:30M-24ARG 11 1KOR 
13M-D12:00M-25VEN 1 8NAM 
13M-D13:30M-26GBR 8 3AUS 
13M-C15:00M-27IRI 1 2ESP 
13M-B16:30M-28SUI 1 4CZE 
13M-A18:00M-29ITA 7 1MEX 
13M-B19:30M-30GER 0 3CAN 
13M-A21:00M-31FRA 2 4USA 
13M-D22:30M-32CHN 0 12AUS 
14Q Cup08:00Q 1 CupM-33IRI  CHN 
14Q Cup09:30Q 2 CupM-34KOR  VEN 
14Cup QF11:00Cup Quater 1M-35ESP  NAM 
14Cup QF12:30Cup Quater 2M-36AUS  COL 
14Cup QF14:00Cup Quater 3M-37MEX  W M-33 
14Cup QF15:30Cup Quater 4M-38GER  W M-34 
14World C.17:00WC Q1M-39USA  SUI RAI TV
14World C.18:30WC Q3M-41ITA  GBR RAI TV
14World C.20:00WC Q2M-40CAN  FRA RAI TV
14World C.21:30WC Q4M-42CZE  ARG 
15R.13-1609:30Rank.13-16 1M-43L. M-37  L. M-36 
15R.13-1611:00Rank.13-16 2M-44L. M-38  L. M-35 
15R.5-812:30Rank. 5-8 1M-45L. M-39  L. M-42 
15R.5-814:00Rank. 5-8 2M-46L. M-40  L. M-41 
15R.17-1815:30Rank.17-18M-47L. M-33  L. M-34 
15Cup SF17:00Cup SF1M-48W. M-37  W. M-36 
15Cup SF18:30Cup SF2M-49W. M-38  W. M-35 
15WC SF20:00World C. SF1M-50W. M-39  W. M-42 
15WC SF21:30World C. SF2M-51W. M-40  W. M-41 
16R.15-1608:00Rank. 15-16M-52L. M-43  L. M-44 
16R.13-1409:30Rank. 13-14M-53W. M-43  W. M-44 
16R.11-1211:00Rank. 11-12M-54L. M-48  L. M-49 
16R.9-1012:30Rank. 9-10M-55W. M-48  W. M-49 
16R.7-814:00Rank. 7-8M-56L. M-45  L. M-46 
16R.5-615:30Rank. 5-6M-57W. M-45  W. M-46 
16R.3-417:00Rank 3-4M-58L. M-50  L. M-51 
16R.1-218:30FinalM-59W. M-50  W. M-51 
  20:00  Closing   Ceremony 
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